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from powerstations to chemical plants
Electrofusion have been doing it
10 Years
all areas covered

Electrofusion excel in the speed and quality of our productions and the care we take to our customers.

7 Simple Steps…

  1. Reading drawing- We visit the customer and go through the drawings. Work out what is required to do the job i.e. elbows, flanges, reducer, 45’, pipe (+7m).
  2. Ordering pipe- correct spec and with cert. for customer requirements.
  3. Weld on fitting- i.e. elbows flanges, reducer, 45’, pipe (+7m)
  4. Inspection- this will ensure that the fitting on the pipe is to the highest standard possible.
  5. Transport- getting the spools/pipe to the designated destination before the agreed deadline if it is possible.
  6. Paperwork- we will supply the customer with: identification of the weld, (may be stamped/painted/taped around) these welds can be given any number welder I.D.
  7. Weld procedures-
    • Pipe cert- heat and cast number
    • Fitting- heat and cast number
    • Weld- consumable information wire used to heat number/electrode type batch number.
    • Quality- x ray Graf QA report.

The Benefits:

  • Rates of pay to do the weld on site.
  • Less ht work on site.
  • Permits not required.
  • Paperwork all completed in a folder ready to show our customer
  • Speed. One less weld onsite 

I can get where water can't








 Any questions please email or call lee on 01977 619300